Yanagi no Mai(Dance of the Willow)

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Yanagi no Mai(Dance of the Willow)

Message  slavinzing56 le Sam 9 Juil - 10:37

Name:Yanagi no Mai(Dance of the Willow)
Type:Kenjutsu,Kekkei Genkai
Description:To perform this dance, Kimimaro grows several long bone blades from his body for use as weapons. Though he primarily uses two blades grown from the palms of his hands, he also uses several secondary bones grown from his elbows, knees, and shoulders. This dance form is incredibly acrobatic, using spins, charges, and long sweeping slashes to make the strikes more effective and to evade opponents' counter strikes. Kimimaro can also extend his bones to attack his opponents without having to adjust his own movement.
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